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I adore art in every aspect and challenging myself, therefore, I paint watercolor on waterproof, plastic paper called Yupo!

I start with an image (or 3) and then let go and embrace the process. I love the wonderment of creating my techniques, development of details and the waterflow in each creation. I have fun breaking through the ‘rules’ and expectations of traditional watercolor. The paint sits on top of the Yupo creating a vibrant color.

I relish the feedback of people at my booth at Art Fairs or gallery shows. I delight in teaching workshops and watching others immerse themselves in the fascination of Yupo.

I have a background as a Graphic Artist and Illustrator. I have illustrated USGS maps for the book 'The Voice from This Stone' by Dr Kevin Scott and worked with names such as Paula Abdul, Natalie Gulbis, Misty May and Lenny Krazelberg on exercise images for equipment.

I reside in Camas, Washington USA with my husband, Eric, and two sons. You can reach me at

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